Dr. Kabasa Deneo

Traditional Doctor

I am committed to your spiritual health

Ndizimisele ukulwa nemiMoya engendawo

It’s now your time and your luck will change your life now with the help of the most powerful traditional doctor online.

lixesha lakho nethamsanqa lakho eliya kutshintsha ubomi bakho ngoku ngoncedo lukagqirha onamandla wendalo




Cleansing | Ukucoca

Negative energies build walls around you, creating a life of worry, resentment, hopelessness. My Karma Cleansing may wash away the negative energy in your life and return a sense of hope, clarity.
Free yourself from the prison of negativity and open your life to a world full of positive forces and potential.
My spells try and harness positive forces to wash away negative energy and remove blockages spirit and soul. Over time negative energy could block your spirit, leaving your life susceptible to destructive powers and unbalance

Spiritual healer  | Ukuphilisa ngokomoya

Traditional Healing with renowned Dr Kabasa Deneo is a strong revealing and powerful healing, online doctor, herbalist, and a powerful traditional doctor, who is on a journey to help and heal people, even on an online platform. I am a spiritual doctor, assisting in casting away bad spells, love Spells online, sorting marriage issues and fixing broken homes.